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What is sandblasting?

How does it work?

Cleaning by sandblasting involves subjecting a surface  to the effects of different grades of sand or buckshot (small shot). The most common goal is to remove paint, rust or scale, but it is sometimes used to obtain a smooth and even surface to be treated. A typical device is composed of an air blasting compressor connected to a high pressure container (where the small shot or sand is introduced) and a long projection downpipe connected to a sand lance. Objects that can be cleaned by "Service Preparation" are made of wood, stone and brick walls up to the aluminum, iron and steel.

It is simply a matter of choosing the material at the correct pressure for the task. Eg for cleaning wood or stone we will use a low pressure with the finest sand available, for iron or steel it would be cleaned with high pressure and shot tempered steel 2.5 year mm, if required. Once cleaned it is advisable to coat the untreated surfaces with primer to stop rust and corrosion.

Sandblasting - Stone

Effectively removing damage caused by fire, soot, lime deposit, dirt and even graffiti. Sandblasting to find the original stone colour.

Sandblasting - Metal

By taking off old paintwork sandblasting leaves clean, bare metal that is ready to prepare or paint. Classic cars, industrial, marin & building projects.

Sandblasting - Wood

By removing the filth of years gone by, sanding reveals the true beauty of wood. For beams, floor and structural timbers for your home.

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